I'm Nalalie and this is my homepage. Once upon a time, this site contained many of my photos. After the site moved, I left the pictures locally.

Let me introduce myself. In short, I am: a programmer, a teacher, a traveler, a yachtsman, a master of needlework. And I'm a mom and I try to be everything at once. This doesn't always work out. If you have a child, you should understand what I mean.

Ok, let's start.



I have worked in IT for over 25 years. At first worked as teacher, then as engineer, designer, programmer, developer, tester. Many years worked in USA company (remote job) as senior developer. So I have experience in web-developing, database design, graphics design, hardware programming, computer-aided designing and various engineering software.

Among my projects there are various websites (a website of an educational institution, a yachting school, a yacht sail setting simulator, pilot with a map and yachting routes, an online competition management system, etc.), a series of illustrations for a yachting school, a series of programming textbooks. Details about some projects you can find in resume.

My profile on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nataliekirilenko/

My resume & IT portfolio: http://resume.nata.cv.ua/

My small IT blog: http://it.nata.cv.ua/



I'm working as teacher since 1994 with short breaks. Teacher of informatics, computer technologies and programming study group.

Teacher of following courses:

User, Advanced User, Programming with usage different languages (C/C++, C#, Delphi, Visual Basic, ASP.NET).

Admin job:

Control and administration of local network, configuration and installation of software, study literature publishing, organization of meetings and competition, design and maintenance of Web-sites for organisation with usage HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Perl, ASP.NET MVC. 


Wrote a series of manuals and a programming tutorial.


Portfolio of computer science methodologist: http://it-metodist.sfera.org.ua/

Organizer of competitions: http://konkurs.sfera.org.ua/

Visual Basic Projects Development Tutorial: http://gamebook.sfera.org.ua/



Since 2002, she has been to 14 countries, several times in some. Before that, she went hiking in the mountains of Ukraine. In recent years, she has been seriously interested in yachting.

List of visited countries and cities: https://tripster.ru/kinata/




I studied at the international yachting school (Turkey, Marmaris) in 2013. Successfully passed the exams and received the Bareboat Skipper and VHF certificates.


Was on yach trip in Greece, Turkey, Carribean.

In the summer of 2015, I organized a trip on a yacht through the bays of Turkey. I saw a captain. My tasks were: to rent a yacht, recruit a crew, come up with a route, manage a yacht.

Programming & yachts

My programming skills were useful to me in the field of yachting. I drew illustrations for the yacht school, created websites, simulators.

Before the trip, I made a separate website (First Charter) with answers to FAQ, the ability to view routes on the map: http://first-charter.nata.cv.ua/

A yacht sail setting simulator: http://yachtcollege.vitsail.com/veter.php?id=57


Handmade master

I am a master of miniature clothes for dolls. I have my own store on the international platform. I write patterns for making clothes.

Store: KiNataDolls on Etsy

Other sites and blogs for my hobbies: